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Twine Spheres  

I finally made a twine sphere to add to all those I've made from natural dried goodies.  The twine was $2.53 at Lowe's and the styrofoam balls were six to a pack for $6 at Michael's, but I had a 40% coupon, yeah!

I started with my dear Father's weird tweezers that are super long and open when you pinch them and are tight when you let go.  I pinched the tip of the twine and started coiling it up the length of my tweezers.  I secured the other end with a clip for about 15 minutes.  I did this so that when I started attaching it to the ball, the first coils would be tight and perfectly round. When I took it off the tweezers it kept the coil perfectly!

I started with a blob of low melt glue on the ball and just kept going and voila!

Fun and pretty and a fraction of the cost of buying one.  Thanks for dropping by.  There are lots more goodies to come, so be sure to come back!

Merry Christmas!

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