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2014 Daily Bible Reading Chart Free Printout  

I made this chart for the children in my Bible Class in 2012 when they excitedly announced they had begun daily Bible reading - ALL BY THEMSELVES! Can you believe that? I asked them who's idea it was first and they said their 15 year old brother! Marvel again! They couldn't wait to each tell me where they were in their reading. I was bowled over!

Obviously I wanted to do all I can to encourage this MOST worthy endeavor that has life long blessings. As human beings, and BUSY ones at that, I know how hard it can be to stick to something like this. I made this chart to keep them encouraged as they can see their progress.  The boxes are the perfect size for small stickers or stamps or just check the days off as you do them.  It prints on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I gave it away here on the blog for anyone who was interested.

I thought I'd update it for this year and offer it here again.  I'm reading through chronologically again myself this year.  It's my absolute favorite.  It's like an entire new book!  I love how much easier it is to understand the order things happened in this way.  Whatever way you want to do it, it's a real blessing and I hope you join us!

I hope you will pray with me that God will enlighten us and draw us closer to Him as we read His Word this year. There is nothing to equal the value of having the Word of God living in you so that the Holy Spirit can bring it to your mind when you need it, whether for your own help or to help another. And there's no way to get the Word inside you other than reading it and hearing it.

How sad when people are satisfied with only the word or two from the Bible they get each week from a sermon. We don't live our lives seeing how little food we can survive on...why do we try to see how little of God's Word we can survive on, how little time spent with Him, how thin a relationship with Him? Remember, He has told us that He demands first place in our lives or we are not worthy to follow after Him. Matthew 10:37 It's something to think about, and pray about. Now go snag this great freebie!

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