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Real Life Color Sliders To The Rescue!  

Have you ever seen something that was just perfect except the color?  So frustrating.  Working in PhotoShop, I'm constantly frustrated in those situations because I am so used to my magical sliders altering any color to exactly what I want.  Not so in real life.

I have been watching for a subway art that was just right for quite a while.  I found two I liked at Barnes and Noble at Christmas, but they were uber expensive and not a possibility.  I had thought I'd make my own but...

A while back I was at Hobby Lobby when I saw a gorgeous subway art plaque on an end cap.  It had a sign saying 50% off their wedding department.  Being long married myself, I wouldn't normally look there.  Had it not been on an end cap I would have missed it.

It was a lovely rendition of the chapter on love, 1 Corinthians 13.  Just the kind of thing every home could use a reminder of, aside from the fact it was beautifully done.  Only...the print wasn't white.  It was a sickly yellowy ick.  Trajic!

At only $14.99 on sale, sturdy MDF, good size and just lovely, I couldn't make one cheaper.  I couldn't pass it up.  I did the "phone shopping" thing with my daughters to see if they wanted one too.  You know, took a picture, texted it to them at work and they answer if they want it or not.  I love doing that, don't you?  It's as fun as the "wish giving" we do...where we send each other pictures of what we "wish" we could give each other, but can't afford.  It's so much fun!  These things add another level of intimacy with loved ones, even when they live across country, and face it, who wouldn't love more intimacy with someone they love?

My plaque has been propped up on a wall for weeks now.  I look at it, love the message and design, but HATE the dingy print.  It's especially bad as I painted the woodwork in my house a soft white last year.  There is nowhere that print doesn't just look horrid.  I've pondered returning it, but it's great and such a good price.  I keep longing for my PS sliders!!!!

Yesterday I finally owned up to the fact that no amount of wishing would produce PS color sliders to fix the situation.  I used a 50% off coupon and bought a Sharpie oil paint marker and started painstakingly painting over the print.  Yes, for real!  LOL and when I finish mine, I plan to do my daughter's too.  She has white woodwork too (yes, I copied her shade!) so it looks horrid in her house too, but she loves the plaque.

In the picture I have completed the top line and the fat one in the middle.  Looking good!  It's a much greater difference than shows in the picture just FYI.  What do you think?

The lesson here seems to be that if life doesn't have PS color sliders, make your own!

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!

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