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I'm on my fifth week of this life major change for health and fitness.   God is being so good to me.  Whereas I have been barely able to function physically in daily life for years, due to illness and injury, He has given me grace in this effort.  It's really exciting seeing His hand in this.  It's shocking the things I'm being able to do!  With His help!

The main goal is of course weight loss, but many other benefits will come from that.  So, is it coming off?  Truth be told, I would have hoped for a much more impressive number than 8 lbs. in my fifth week of this radical diet change and 2 hours of hard exercise 5 days a week and walks the other 2 days.  But, it is having dramatic results.  I can wear clothes I haven't been able to wear for years...and they are BAGGY!  That is my encouragement when the scale is hateful.  After all, we all know muscle weighs more than fat, and the goal of this plan is to build muscle because that's where fat is burned.  So I shouldn't be surprised at the scale.  People are noticing and commenting and that helps too.

It's also amazing how He put wonderful people in my life in the gym.  From day one He brought several wonderful Christian men into my life there who have instructed me, encouraged me, and kept me safe.  It has made such a difference.  It wasn't easy to be an overweight white woman almost 60 years old walking into an all black gym that is normally all male, young and super ripped.  But I have been welcomed by several and I praise God for these kind men.  And they challenge me too.  I am doing things that I can't believe is possible and would never have tried on my own.  And to think my original idea was the senior center once I turned 60 (last Tuesday)!  The energy here is almost palatable!  I thank God every day for how He's helping me and these kind men.

Another blessing is for my protein drinks after workouts.  I  had bought a Ninja blender for us and each of our children a couple of years ago.  No one has complained, but ours never worked.  We even got a replacement and it wouldn't close right (required for the power to work) and burned up on my 11th use.  HUNDREDS of dollars wasted.

The good news is that we got the Bullet from our Sam's Club and it's an absolute dream!  Every day after workouts I use the large container.  I fill it half way with Baby Spinach, then some frozen assorted fruit, half a banana, 2 scoups of Met-rx protein powder and some water.  It takes about 3 seconds and it's perfect and lunch is served.  You can't even taste the spinach.  And clean up is a breeze!

Our Sam's Club is such a blessing too.  Not only the Bullet, but all the fresh fruits and veges I eat (6 meals a day).  We've found it's a LOT more expensive to eat healthy, but Sam's Club really helps.  Over time I hope that we will save money in other areas of life by eating this way.  To be honest, I really miss baked potatoes and bread - specifically those amazing fresh baked baguettes at Sam's that are $2.98 for 2.  Mmmmm.  But it's manageable.  Once I meet my goal, you are allowed a day a week to eat as you want.  But for now it's nothing processed or prepared, no salt, no sugar, no nuts or grains, all lean protein, fiber, fresh fruits and veges.  And I'm still doing my TBS of Chia Seeds daily.

If any of you are eating like this, you may notice "things" have "stopped", if you follow.  With help from my girls, we have found out that a high protein diet will do that to you, even with the crazy high amount of fiber this plan has me on.  My youngest, who's about to be married (beaming Mother), told me about a helpful answer and it's available at Walmart.  Sixteen packets for $5.  "Smooth Move organic tea".  Nuf said.

I hope this has been helpful and encouraging!  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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