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Golden Autumn!  

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall! 

I was in the back yard with Boo just now and it was so beautiful that I took some pictures for my new instagram account.   Then I got to thinking you might like to see them too!  (If you would like to follow my instagram account, it's called, of course, lynettesphotoart.)

I'm always utterly astounded at the beauty that God fills our lives with every day, if we will just notice it! 

The brilliant teardrop shaped leaves are from our Bradford Pear Tree.  Can you believe those colors????  You can see some Ivy on the right sides and sky reflected as rich deep blue!  :)
I love that you can see the stringy green algae growing along the edge.  Bradford Pear leaves as so amazing in the fall!
This one has a Mimosa Pod and Lily Pads too.  The fluffy things are Parrots Feather.
Mmmmmmmm!  :)
Dew drops clinging to the velvety soft Lamb's Ear.
Lamb's Ear velvet!
I love how this has aged over the years, always reminding us of God's promise for our future, as long as we belong to Him through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, and are faithful until the end.  Praise God for His grace, mercy and LOVE!  That is Mondo Grass on the right and the Weeping Cherry tree behind.  The brilliant lime green is Creeping Jenny.
I am so grateful for this!  The tree is a Twisty Baby Honey Locust and God has dressed it in rich green moss and such cool textured bark!  The little birdhouse is the spring home of an utterly charming Carolina Wren couple each year.  I love the moss and lichen that cover it each year.  In time the lichen falls off and a new coat grows in it's deer shedding their racks!
Oh yes!!!
Don't you just adore textures and colors?  So astonishingly beautiful!  Thank you God for Your uncountable blessings!
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