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DIY Stunning One Minute Christmas Candle!  

This is TOO fun and GORGEOUS!

The other day my oldest daughter was helping me fix dead lights on my Christmas tree.  We were working from a tupperware of spare bulbs I've collected over the years.  She remarked on how many flasher bulbs were there.  I HATE flashers and wouldn't be able to walk through the room if I used them - they make me dizzy!  But there was nothing wrong with them and I had paid money for them, so I had saved them all these years.  Waste not, want not!

I remembered her comment tonight, so I sorted all the bulbs and fuses.  I had 138 flasher bulbs!  

Wow!  I don't like flasher bulbs when they flash, but the pile was pretty.  It was Christmas red and sparkly.  Hmmmm....  Such pretty glass deserved light shining through it....
Isn't that gorgeous?  If you follow my Instagram (lynettesphotoart), you can see a very short video of the light flickering through the bulbs.  So lovely!

It took all of about one minute to make.  I save interesting glass jars, so I took a small one (capers) and set it inside a Ball mason jar.  I sprinkled the bulbs between the two jars, dropped a votive candle in the center one and voilá!  Stunning and FREE!  I LOVE repurposing things!  FYI, 138 was pretty perfect for this size.  I could only have fit a very few more in.

Hope you're enjoying these days before Christmas!  Thanks for dropping by and sparkle on!

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