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Larry The Cucumber Dressed Up As Carmen Miranda Came For Christmas!  

This was so much fun!

We celebrated Christmas yesterday as that's when my daughters and new son-in-law were able to be here.  Bridey suggested it might be fun to have a project for them all to do together, so, when I saw this gorgeous fruit Christmas tree at Ginger & Garlic, I knew that was our project!  I have been dreamily picturing this beauty being a stunning centerpiece and everyone eating it at Christmas dinner.  Sigh!

I bought all the supplies, substituting Baby Bell cheese for the ripe cantaloupe that I couldn't find.  Cheese and fruit are classic together and we could cut shapes out of cheese like she did with the cantaloupe.  I showed them this picture and told them it was theirs to make as they wished, (so they wouldn't "feel pressure" to make it exactly like the picture).  Mmmmm...

Apparently there was no "pressure" to feel as they dove right in without missing a beat!  I never dreamed my creative and awesome daughters and new son-in-law would do what they did!  It was so fun watching Larry the Cucumber (from Vegetales) come to life!  There's a bit of Beaker (from the Muppets) in him too!  

I loved him when he was just a face wearing a star, but they kept going until he was all dressed up as Carmen Miranda coming to join us for Christmas dinner!  Gotta love it!

My oldest daughter made these amazing appetizers that became the bottom row on Carmen's skirt.  She used tiny cookie cutters on the cheese and fruit, then "inlaid" the fruit!  Stunning!  It is like stained glass when held up to light!  I've never seen anything like it!  Genius! A tray of those would be lovely too!

Here "he" is on the table before the rest of the food.  Who can look at this table and not smile??

Never thought I'd have Larry the Cucumber at my Christmas dinner!  I can just hear one of my favorite Vegetale songs ...  join me???

As to the rest of the table, my husband has been loving his wooden truck as the centerpiece this year.  I got it on a day after Christmas sale at Walmart years ago for nearly nothing.  It had food in it as a seasonal gift.  It's really beautiful.  The wheels even work!  I added the bristle brush tree for the table this year.  Yeah!  It's always a plus when your husband is excited about the table!  It went with the "feel" of the tree this year - Bridy's dried baby's breath from the wedding, sticks from the yard turned into casual stars, white paper snowflakes and such.  It's a very homey, comfortable and warm tree this year and the truck is perfect for it! 

For the rest of the table, I used our much loved chalkboard chargers (made from $1.99 chargers), which we each customized with chalk at dinner.  The red napkins (12 for $14.99) and placemats (4 for $9.99), sparkly woven place mats (4 for $5), white serving bowls ($3.99 each) and Christmas bowls ($3.99 each) on the napkins are all from Home Goods, a very happy place indeed!  The gorgeous red goblets ($2.99 each) and other red dishes were from Walmart years ago - best find there EVER!  The flatware is Oneida's Michelangelo ($12 per 5 pc. setting at outlet long ago).  I'd have rather had a plain off white tablecloth, but this one is very old and paid for!

So, that's the story of Carmen Miranda aka Larry The Cucumber joining us for Christmas dinner!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas too! 

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