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Mini-Cherry Pies and Boo's Merry Christmas!  

We celebrate tomorrow as both my daughters and my new son-in-law will be here.  I'm SO blessed!  I think I might be done making goodies now.  This morning I made mini-cherry pies, with a twist.  I made them in a mini-muffin pan and used my Lindzer cutter to make gorgeous tops to the pies!  Aren't they awesome?

Last night I noticed Boo just sitting on the back of the sofa (on Daddy's shoulder), staring intently at the Christmas tree.  So precious!  So this is my Merry Christmas to you from Boo, Daddy & I.  I am so grateful that you spend some time here with me.  Thank you so much!  

May God bless you and your loved ones in the most important ways and may you honor Him this holiday as well as every day, because He deserves it!  Thank you Lord Jesus for being willing to come to earth, put on flesh as the creation, live a sinless life and teach us that the only way to heaven is through You.  Thank You for giving Your life in place of ours to redeem us from an eternity in hell.  Thank You so much for conquering death by rising from the dead, giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us and for preparing a place for us to spend eternity with You!  Thank You Lord Jesus that you are coming again soon to take us home to be with you forever!  All honor, power and glory be to You Father God!  Thy will be done!  Come Lord Jesus, come!
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