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Paper Napkin Poinsettias  

You HAVE to try these!  They are so gorgeous and FAST, EASY and CHEAP!

 I used the tutorial I found here.   I did change it a little bit though.

One napkin makes one blossom and it has four sets of petals.  I cut narrow petals out of one napkin and fat petals out of another napkin.  Then I used two sets of fat petals for the bottom of the flower and two of the narrow petals for the top of the flower.  That made two flowers.  It makes a more realistic flower.

The other change I made was that instead of putting glue and glitter in the center of the blossom, I got small berries from the yard and glittered them gold, then glued them in the center for the more realistic 3D look.

The cocktail napkins I used were only $.97 at Walmart and there are 30 napkins in it = 30 flowers!  Can't beat that for affordable!  I'm thinking of putting one in each plate for Christmas as I'm using my black chalkboard chargers, white plates and red napkins with red goblets.

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