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Pottery Barn Knockoff Twig Reindeer  

I did some pruning in the yard this week and out popped these adorable Pottery Barn knockoff twig reindeer!

These are so easy to make, even though I tried to make it harder.  I tried two different saws to do my trimming and was about to pull my hair out, when I noticed what a smooth and beautiful end they had where I'd pruned them from their original homes.  ???  What did I use?  Pruning shears!  Duhhhh!!!  Needless to say, after that every cut was fast, easy and beautiful!
I just love natural elements and making something wonderful from nothing!  I was making this as a gift, but when my husband saw them he went nuts for them and they have to live here.  Surely there's more pruning I can do and still have gifts to share.  He thinks they would be cute with very tiny (light) Christmas tree ornaments hanging from their antlers....ohhhh, what about those scrapbooking 3D tiny strings of Christmas tree lights?

I know I made the heads fatter than the Pottery Barn originals, but I did it deliberately as I like it so much better!  Try one yourself!  They are a FREE gift from God!  Merry Christmas!

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