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Progress continued...blenders and smoothies!  

Thank you all for stopping by!  I have shared before about my work to improve my health and weight this year.  Today I thought I'd share my favorite smoothie recipe with you and reviews on two blenders!

First I'd like to say we threw HUNDREDS of dollars away two years ago buying everyone Ninja blenders for Christmas.  They were ALL junk.  Ours never did work properly and died permanently on about use eleven.

But, there is good news!  When I started working out and dieting in the spring, we bought the NutriBullet from our beloved Sam's Club.  Oh my goodness!  It is EVERYTHING the Ninja said it was and wasn't and it's cheaper and so much smaller, which is great for counterspace.  It works every time.  It takes less than one minute normally to make my smoothie.  It assembles and disassembles effortlessly and cleanup, sigh, is a dream!  I just rinse it with water and wash with the daily dishes.  Or, a dot of soap in it, add water and put back on it's base and run for a minute and it's clean!  Rinse and let air dry!  Soooooo great!

When I started the smoothies I googled for recipes.  Guess what?  You don't need one!

I love our Sam's Club.  Nearly everything we eat comes from there.  For my smoothies, I buy the fresh baby spinach, the bag of fresh mixed veges (carrots, broccoli & cauliflower), and a bag of frozen fruit.

I put an enormous handful of raw baby spinach in first, pushing it down to fit as much as possible.  Then I break up the broccoli and cauliflower clusters (if they are huge) and add them with carrots.  Then I put in just a few pieces of frozen fruit.  The difference in flavor is HUGE over straight veges.  The frozen fruit also gives it a pleasing texture and temperature.  I add some of my protein powder and water.  Screw the cap (that contains the NOT SCARY SHARP blade in it), put it on the base, plug in for less than one minute and you are ready!

Having had such a nightmare with all the Ninjas, and also having had so many all vege smoothies, I really REALLY appreciate the NutriBullet and being able to add some fruit.  It's tasty, healthy and so fast and easy!  No excuse not to.  I do it every day after the gym.  Try it!

See you next time and enjoy this Christmastime!

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