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Santa Photo Booth & Kindling  

This will be such fun!

My daughter and her fiance wanted a photo booth at their wedding mid-October.  I made a lot of props for it.  My guidelines weren't very clear and this Santa set I made didn't end up being used.

I was just cleaning and ran across it and a light-bulb went off!  She and her new husband like photo booth things...this will be our first Christmas together...I have a great Santa hat that was my dear Mother's that would complete this...  I think we'll all do Christmas pictures with this and it looks like fun to me!  Ho, ho, ho!

I'm pretty happy with what you see to the left of the Santa set too.  I don't have time to make any more twiggy Christmas goodies and I needed to clean it all up.  I didn't really want to just toss them out.  Then it hit me!  Kindling!  Isn't that funny?  I look at them and see home furnishings and it's thinking out of the box for me to see kindling!  Most people just see kindling!

I gathered them all up, broken to proper size to use as kindling and wrapped paper bags around the bundles with a strip of black duck tape around the center to hold them and make handles.   I know at least one daughter will love this!  Waste not want not!   "Oh the fire is so delightful..."

Thanks for dropping by! Merry Christmas!

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