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DIY Glass Charger Makeover  

One of my most popular posts has been my knock off a Pottery Barn spring tablescape here.  I do love that one!

When I did it, I set for four people.  With my daughter marrying in October, I now need more place settings.  Two more, one for him and one for when the other daughter marries.

One of the fun things about that tablescape was my Pottery Barn knock off clear glass chargers.  I found them for $4 each in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby.  They were gorgeous and charger size!  There was a small hole in the centers from where they had been parts of two tiered stands.  As chargers, it would never be seen.

Well, now I need two more and of course, an exact match isn't happening.  I found two absolutely gorgeous clear blue plates (no holes!) the right size at Home Goods very affordably.  But, they are blue!  Given that I wasn't finding affordable options at all, I bought them.  I adore the scalloped edges!

So here was my thinking, I know that sometimes the "color" on glass items is not all the way through, but applied to the backs.  Today I gave it a try.  Half a bottle of maximum strength nail polish remover ($.97 at Walmart), a fingernail brush and a towel later, I have sparkling clear glass chargers!
I am so pleased!  I took a chance and now I have the extra two chargers I needed for almost nothing!  And so cute!

Tip:  If you try this, I found that doing it in the porcelain sink made a HUGE mess that actually took more nail polish remover to clean off!  Laying it on the towel (white so I could see when all the blue was off), and holding a rag over my brush so it caught all the harsh splatters worked brilliantly!

Also, note that I said "maximum strength nail polish remover".  I believe that if you use the non-acetone product it would not work nearly so well.

The nail brush was a blessing to quickly and easily get into all the 3D pattern on the back.

A last thought is to warn you that the blue did not come out of my towel.

I love when you can remake things to fit your needs and for so little!  Satisfaction indeed!

Hope you are enjoying the new year and God bless you and yours!

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