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Apple Roses & ChocolateTart Birthday!  

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday.  She is beyond amazing and a constant blessing and inspiration to me.  No one ever told me that children can grow up to be your best friends, but it's true and I've been twice blessed!

So, since she is so special, we made a couple of special desserts for the day.  Yes, I said "we" because she loves to cook and these were just fun and look so elegant!

We had never made either of these recipes before, but boy are we glad we did!  This is the first tart I've made.  I recently got a set of three Wilton tart/quiche pans from Home Goods and started Googling recipes so I could try them out and...voila!

I have linked to the sites where the recipes are, underneath this picture.  

Chocolate Glazed Tart with raspberries and Apple Roses.
Apple Roses
They were both a big hit.  You should drop by these lady's sites and try these wonderful recipes yourself.  There is even a video along with the recipe for the apple roses. God bless all the wonderful people who take time and effort to share tutorials, information and recipes on line.  They bless us all!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring...summer that God is giving us!  Be sure to thank Him for it too!

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