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Making Lemonade...Cake Pops!  

You know how life so often hands us a lemon and we get to figure out how to make it into lemonade?  Well, I think this is a great story of just that!

While grocery shopping, I saw a big box of very pretty cupcakes marked down.  It was so much less than I could make them for, and I was having company for dinner.  I bought them and oh so carefully nestled them into place for the ride home, thinking I'd embellish them in some way to make them special.  When I got home, it looked like I had been demolition driving with a heat lamp over them!  I knew I should take a picture, but I didn't.  

As I looked at them, knowing I didn't want to serve that mess to company, the lemonade solution came to me.  What was I seeing?  Cake...and frosting.............. CAKE POPS!!!!  Why not?

I love this lemonade! 

  • The big bunny pedestal is a new gift from my daughters from Pier 1.  I have been soooooo wanting him to go with my Pottery Barn bunny cupcake pedestal that I've loved for years.  I'm so excited to have them and so grateful!  Doesn't he look perfect holding the cake pops?  They go so perfectly with my daughter's Easter plates that I just found this afternoon.  They were among things she never took with her when she moved out.  :)  It all couldn't have gone together better if I'd planned the entire thing!!!
  • The cloche on the cupcake pedestal is from Home Goods.  
  • The ceramic chick and bunny baskets and matching salt and pepper shakers are Hallmark, bought from Kohl's.  
  • The tablecloth, (my favorite!) was from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  
  • The gorgeous crystal chargers were from Hobby Lobby (not actually chargers, but on clearance as the last remaining pieces of three tiered servers).  The eggs were paper maché from Hobby Lobby too.  I covered some with old book pages and mod podged diamond dust on them, painted some silver, some were left plain and some with only diamond dust.  I love them all!  A very easy project with a BIG payoff in person!  The moss filling the clay pots is from there too.
  • The glasses are Libby's Gibraltar from Walmart as are the napkins and candles too.  
  • The tiny clay pots and the flocked green bunnies were from Michael's.
  • I think the Easter plates were from Cracker Barrel.
  • The napkin ring roses were from MacRae's.
  • The flatware is Oneida's Michelangelo, also gifts from my wonderful daughters!
  • That just leaves the white basket weave plates.  They were from an outlet store in Nashville that no longer exists.  
  • The candlesticks were from Service Merchandise and the candles from Walmart.
Right after I got the new bunny pedestal, I posted a picture of it on Instagram and Bed, Bath & Beyond are featuring it!  I'm so honored!  LOL, I know so little about all that, that I have no idea where to look to find them featuring it!  I'm not even certain that I responded correctly, as they directed, so they can feature it, but they asked and I gave it my best effort!  LOL  This was the picture I posted:

He's holding pillars we cut from our much loved Bradford Pear tree that fell this time last year.  Also, some wild flowers.  It went with the spring garden motif of this tablescape.

BTW, If anyone wants to follow me on Instagram, my name is "lynettesphotoart" - LOL, big surprise huh?!?!?!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed your glass of lemonade!!!  God bless you and yours!

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