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Resurrection Day & Instagram Tile Chargers  

Praise God, we have been blessed with another Resurrection Day!  I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of this blessing God has given us through His only son, Jesus Christ!  I can't wrap my mind around the fact that the all powerful, perfect and holy God of eternity loved us enough to give His pure and innocent, holy life to pay the price to redeem us from an eternity in hell and has conquered death for us and even offered to be our Savior letting us spend eternity in heaven with Him!  It's shout'n time!  So marvelous!  I hope you had a great Resurrection Day too!

I thought you might like to see that I finally finished my Instagram tile chargers!!  They are every bit as gorgeous as I'd dreamed they would be!

I did a tutorial about them here.  Making these I found that I didn't need to use anything except ModPodge and Rustoleum American Accents 2x Ultra Cover Gloss Clear to seal them.  I used the ModPodge to attach the images, then after they dried, another coat to seal them.  After they cured, I applied many coats of the gloss within one hour and allowed them to cure.  The end result is a very glossy surface that resists moisture and is good for normal heat.  You would never take something from the stove top or oven and put it on them, but it's good for normal temperatures that would be on your plate.

I just love how they turned out and here's my Resurrection Day tablescape with them.  The shiny Electra/Barbie doll eggs (from Walmart) go perfectly and held M&M eggs inside!  I made my pedestals out of two plates and a lonely cloche from Home Goods, a clear candle stick and a clear base broken off something my daughter had.  A little E-6000 and there you have some gorgeous and unique pedestals with a cloche for almost nothing.  I have been LOVING them stacked together with my Instagram Tile Charger tablescape. 

A few years ago, my youngest daughter sent me an enormous Hello Kitty edible arrangement for my birthday.  It was sooooo gorgeous!  I carefully kept all the skewers to reuse one day, and this meal was the day!  I followed this tutorial and made this happy arrangement.  It has a recipe for the pretty fruit dip with the sprinkles in front of the pedestals.  Talk about festive!  I was unable to find the Peeps cookie cutter locally and I couldn't get it from Amazon in time, so I used Peeps candy instead.  I found that using the plunger style cookie/pastry cutters left clear impressions on the melons, so there are chicks and Easter eggs made from them as well as stars, hearts, circles and cubes.  Fun!

 The Honey Roasted Carrots to the right of the pedestals were a HUGE hit too.  I made them from this recipe, using a bag of little carrots instead of the full carrots with leaves in the recipe.  I plan to make more tonight!

The Honeyed Ricotta Asparagus Bundles from this recipe were FANTASTIC too! Not only a great presentation, but oh so DELICIOUS!  The recipe called for three asparagus spears per bundle, but having extras left over, I ended up with five per bundle and it worked just fine!  I can't wait to make more!

I have wanted to make these gorgeous crescent roll carrots for YEARS!  I used the recipe here.  Yeah!  And just in case you have been wanting to make them too, I did go buy the metal cream horn forms, but there are only six per box, so I also made the aluminum foil forms for two of them and they worked just great too.  My thoughts are that since the metal forms are $3-6 for six of them, if you plan to make these more than once you'd be better off buying the horns than wasting all that foil every time you make them.  Just my opinion as I hate waste and unnecessarily filling up our landfills.

Have you noticed something different about our back door in this picture?  Our living/dining room has a brutal exposure in the summer and we have a plasma TV.  When we brought it home years ago we instantly found it was a giant black MIRROR and the reflection of all four windows and the door made it literally impossible to see the TV.  Being in the deep South, our southern sun also makes this living space unbearable in the hot months.  The answer to both issues has been perfect!  The yummy, soft brown blackout drapes work on the windows, but our metal door was another issue.  I didn't like the magnetic curtain rods and didn't want "curtains" that would be noticeable.  My oldest daughter came up with the perfect answer!  She bought blackout fabric yard goods that are a very similar color to our woodwork color.  We folded the fabric over and sewed a casing at the top and bottom and inserted heavy duty magnets in them, stitching around them to hold them in place.  Now when we need it, we just lift the top of it above the windows and it stays, no matter what!  When we don't want it, it hangs unnoticably below the window just waiting to assist the next time!  By putting the magnets inside the casing the magnets do not mark the door at all.  It stays put 100% of the time and it's wipe clean!  Ahhhh!  Well done darlin!

Back to the food - on the right above is the delectable Creamsicle Fluff from this recipe.  Oh it's SO GOOD!   And so pretty!

The festive bread nests with the eggs in the center looked gorgeous, but the recipe was not a winner at my house.  It was dry and tasteless.  I used the recipe here.  The tutorial was great, but next time I'll try a different recipe.

I also had a Pinterest fail on the drinks.  The recipe was for an alcoholic drink.  I substituted ginger ale.  I don't think that should have made it opaque instead of the dreamy translucency of the original tutorial here.  I don't know why mine wasn't gorgeous like her image below.  Sad about it's murky appearance, but oh it did taste wonderful!  Wish I knew the answer as this would be a PERFECT beverage for bridal and baby showers! *sigh*


These are Lemon Dill Chicken Salad Stuffed Eggs from my absolutely favorite blog, Home Is Where The Boat Is.  I highly recommend this blog to EVERYONE!  She has an astounding God given gift for making this world BEAUTIFUL and has fantastic recipes!  Run, don't walk to her blog and follow her so you don't miss a single day of her inspiration!

I so appreciate all the people who shared their recipes on line and hope you try some of these too.  Thanks for stopping by and God bless you all!

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