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Russian Tip Key Lime Filled Cupcakes!  

My oldest daughter has chosen our family Key Lime Pie for her "birthday cake" for years now.  Her sister and I decided to shake things up a bit this year and we surprised her with Key Lime Cupcakes with a mouthwatering recipe I found here.  When I licked the beaters (yes I still lick beaters!  You are never too old to lick beaters!), I couldn't believe how delicious they were!  No, I did not tint them, they were that color already from the lime jello in the recipe.

Then to up the wow factor, I cored them and filled them with our family Key Lime Pie filling!  We use a recipe a family friend shared with us decades ago - fast, easy and so delicious!  (Recipe at bottom.)

I've been wanting to try the amazing Russian Frosting Tips for so long now, and this was my excuse to finally order some.  My favorite how-to video is by Renee Conner here.   I think hers are perfect!  I made up my frosting "plug" with the darker shade in the middle and the stripes of food coloring on the plastic like hers, but sadly, mine didn't have that great contrast hers does, but they still turned out pretty and this was my first try!  Everyone just loved them and they took about 15-20 minutes to do all of them compared to two days hand piping all the other flowers!  (It was my first attempt at hand piping flowers too!)  I was sad to see how the colors changed as they dried, but still, everyone loved them!

For my fellow pedestal and cloche lovers - I made these from two plates, a candle stick, a clear glass base that broke off something my daughter had, some E-6000 and a cloche I found all by itself at Home Goods.  You can see how I used them for Resurrection Day dinner here and for July 4th in the next post.  They are two separate pedestals for more flexibility, but I adore them stacked!

I used this Russian Tip.  I'm showing it with a normal #12 round tip to show how much larger they are.

So pretty and fun!  I found that if one didn't look right, I just scraped it off with a knife and did it again!  The roses cover the entire surface, so you never know!  I chose to add two shades of green leaves for interest.

A word about the frosting itself.   I have done so much reading about these tips and watched so many tutorials, that I knew they need a stiffer frosting consistency.  They made it clear that too soft would not work with Russian Tips.  I searched for the "perfect" recipe for success, but it required a powerful mixer.  She had a Kitchen Aid and said that it gets difficult for it to mix too!  I have only a very wimpy hand mixer and not a lot of ability to do it by hand.  Wanting so very badly for this to turn out well, I even priced a Kitchen Aid!  Yeah!  That's not happening.  

I saw that Wilton sells a tub of frosting already made.  It said that if you wanted to do flowers, to add more powdered sugar to it and/or refrigerate it.  Not so.  I added and added and added and refrigerated it, but it stayed utterly soft as I hand piped the flowers for the other cupcakes.  Two days in my fridge and they stayed soft and sticky!  One day in the freezer and they only improved a little bit, only to return to utterly soft at room temperature.  

When it came to doing the Russian Tip flowers, I knew that wouldn't work.  I ended up putting lots of powdered sugar and Meringue Powder into it and refrigerating it a long time.  When we took it out and tried it, even my very strong youngest daughter couldn't get it to come out of the tube.  She warmed it with her hands and we laughed at the irony.  Eventually she got it started and then we were able to make these very pretty roses!  It's still too soft for the crisp results that look best, but they did hold their form.  Wish the darker centers had shown. Perhaps I needed to make it much, much darker than I did in the center.  Next time!

So, if you, like me, have been wanting to try the Russian Tips for ages - try them!  They are amazing!  Everyone just loved them and these cupcakes and filling are astonishingly delicious!  

Key Lime Pie


1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 small can limeade frozen
1 small carton cool whip
Vanilla Wafers (for crust)
green food coloring


Lay the wafers as crust on the bottom of the pie pan and stand them up along the rim.  Mix the other ingredients and pour in.  Chill.

Ok, now you can make our Key Lime Pie filled Key Lime Cupcakes topped with Russian Tip roses too!   Thanks for stopping by and God bless you!

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