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Brilliant Fall Leaf Cookies  

I love autumn!  I love the smell of it.  I love the feel of it.  I love the crunch beneath my feet.  I love all the dried goodies God leaves for us to find and decorate with and make things from - acorns, pine cones, cat tails, cotton, nuts and pods of every kind.  I love gourds and pumpkins and Indian corn and dried wheat.  It's all so wondrous! 

What happy memories I have of our family apple picking at an orchard once as a child.  Sweet and precious memories of my own girls picking them in our yard and then turning them into all manner of goodies to last us the winter.  This makes my heart sing!

I made corn husk dolls with my girls when they were growing up and decorated a wreath with them.  My mother played with corn husk dolls as a girl homesteading out west during Dust Bowl days.  It was fun for us to experience something from her life and it connected us to our much loved Little House On The Prairie books too.  It's good to remember skills that allowed people to live off the land.  It's good to work with our hands and have the joy of creating.  Tiny moments linking us to our Creator who made everything there is.

I remember using kernels of Indian corn to play Bingo with when I was small.  Another good memory is getting all the vines to make baskets and wreaths with when my father-in-law trimmed his muskadine vines one year.  I loved weaving baskets and making wreaths!  I still have the baskets I made.

I love how God turns trees and bushes into gigantic bouquets of brilliant beauty for all of us in the fall, then back lights them with the sun so they absolutely glow!  Sigh!  A gorgeous gift from Him to all of us.

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew it was one I would have to make, but I only had one leaf cutter, left from when the girls were growing up.  Last night I finally found some maple leaf cookie cutters at my happy HomeGoods store and I set right to it.  I made two batches of sugar cookies, divided, colored and refrigerated them. 


I pressed the back of a silk leaf onto the dough for the veins and touched up with a butter knife wherever I felt there should be more.

Ohhhh so pretty!  Into the oven.  And this is how they came out!

I'm really pleased with them, but as I took the pictures, I realized that if some of them had been mainly one color with just a touch of another color, it would have been more visually pleasing in a box or in a dish.  They would have stood out more rather than this sea of sameness.  Each one is entirely unique, but this way, they all look the same.  I think that next time I might make some that are brown to mix in and maybe some solid green. 

These are not my favorites, but they were available for this photo, so, there you have it!  Now for the fun of giving them away!  I paired them with my Pumpkin Spice cupcakes you can read about here.

Praise God for His power and might, for His unfathomable mercy and love!  Happy fall y'all!

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