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Oh So Wonderful Cookies! Part 1  

I finally found wonderful chocolate and vanilla/almond sugar cookie recipes that do not expand when cooked!!!  After years of frustration with my cutout and stamped cookies, finally SUCCESS and DELICIOUS results!!!!  Here is the link to the sugar cookie recipe I used.  This post is going to be way too long, so I'll break it into three posts instead.

I'll start with these fun tiny cookie houses.  I found this cutter at Home Goods for just $1.99!

See?  They don't expand!  But they taste wonderful!

I had edible glue on hand from working with fondant and gum paste.  It dries invisible and I liked that look for these particular houses.  It took several hours of being propped together before they were firm enough to attach the roofs.  I let them sit overnight and they were completely secure.  Royal icing is a faster "cement" and also dipping the edges into a hot candy mix (corn syrup), but I had this on hand and it worked great for me.

I covered the roofs with royal icing "snow" and dusted them with sanding sugar for sparkle.  If your royal icing is too thick or is starting to seize up on you as you frost, just spray it with a fine mist of water from a spray bottle and the sharp edges will soften into lovely snow drifts.  This also works if the icing is too set to hold sprinkled decorations.  Just mist it and then sprinkle.  They'll stay just fine.

They were part of gift packages along with the same cookies topped with homemade marshmallow fondant and fondant snowflakes.  The writing is food grade edible marker from Americolor.

Tomorrow I'll share the other cookies I made with this sugar cookie recipe and the following day I'll share the chocolate stenciled ones.  I hope this was helpful!  Merry Christmas, God bless you and yours and thanks for stopping by!

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