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Oh So Wonderful Cookies! Part 2  

This is part 2 following yesterday's post.  I had to break it up into three parts so it wouldn't be too long.

I finally found wonderful chocolate and vanilla/almond sugar cookie recipes that do not expand when cooked!!!  After years of frustration with my cutout and stamped cookies, finally SUCCESS and DELICIOUS results!!!!  Here is the link to the sugar cookie recipe I used.  

Yesterday's post was using this recipe to make mini cookie houses.  Today I'll show you what else I made with this delicious recipe that is so perfect for cutout and stamped cookies!

I topped some of the cookies with a thin layer of homemade marshmallow fondant.  I wrote messages on them with food grade edible marker from Americolor.  I topped them with snowflakes I made from the fondant too and various sprinkles that I attached with invisible edible glue I'd made for working with fondant and gumpaste.

They were awfully delicate, even when dry.  A better plan would be to use gumpaste. It dries faster and to a HARD result.  I had some left over gumpaste.  I don't know why I didn't just use it!

What a wonderful recipe!  Delicious AND it doesn't expand and ruin your cookies! 

I have to say a word about Tupperware.  These cookies are sitting on top the same Tupperware container I got when I briefly sold Tupperware in 1979!  It's still perfect and has always been our family cookie storage container.  It is a very happy Christmas memory for all of us.   My youngest told me this year she needs one of these too, now that she's a Mother, to make memories for her little darling.  It warms me with the memories, but also saddens me that America has so made money it's god, that everything today is deliberately made to fail and need replaced in a brief period of time.  There will be no such good memories for those going forward, as nothing lasts.

I'll leave you with these pretty cookies and tomorrow I'll share the chocolate stenciled cookies.  I hope this was helpful!  Merry Christmas, God bless you and yours and thanks for stopping by!

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