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Oh So Wonderful Cookies! Part 3  

I finally found wonderful chocolate and vanilla/almond sugar cookie recipes that do not expand when cooked!!!  After years of frustration with my cutout and stamped cookies, finally SUCCESS and DELICIOUS results!!!!  Here is the link to the sugar cookie recipe I used.  

The first post was using the vanilla/almond sugar cookie recipe to make mini cookie houses.

Yesterday's post was using the same recipe for cutout cookies decorated in marshmallow fondant and edible marker.

Today I'll show you what I made with the delicious chocolate recipe that is so perfect for cutout and stamped cookies!

This Christmas baking was the first time I had the large Wilton fondant rolling pin and rings for my rolling pin that make it so the thickness is consistent.  Having that long a rolling pin was AWESOME and, why didn't we ALWAYS have these rings???  It made an incredible difference in consistency and baking results.  Look at this perfect stack of cookies!!   I know the rolling pin is pricey, but I used a 40% off coupon at Michael's for both the pin and later the rings.  Makes it just fine!

The lone bear is a stand in for our "Judahbear", my first granchild.  It's my first Christmas as a grandma!!!  It's wonderful even with them out of state.  Thank You Jesus!

This was my first attempt at stenciling.  I made royal icing to stencil with onto my chocolate cookies.  I don't think I ever found the exact right consistency for stenciling, but they still turned out pretty, if you don't look too close.  I used a small fondant tool to clean up areas where they needed it.  It was a pretty messy deal.  I found that I had to wash and dry my stencils every 2-3 cookies to have a chance at a sharp image.  But oh my goodness - they are DELICIOUS!!!!

I had some templates that were the right size for cupcakes and cookies, but I also had a set that was for cake tops.  I positioned them so that I could use parts of the stencil for a cookie.   It's going to take a bit of practice before I get good at this!  But it sure was fun finally getting to try it!  I like the 3D of the design.

It's so exciting to finally have both recipes that will allow me to make perfect cutout and stamped cookies in both white and brown with no more failure!  And they both taste marvelous too.  I hope you try these two recipes if you haven't yet found the right ones.  You won't be disappointed!  Merry Christmas, God bless you and yours and thanks for stopping by!

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