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Snowflake Cakes!  

I finally found a Nordicware snowflake pan that I've wanted for ages at Home Goods for just $9.99!  I've made seven or eight of them in the last week.  They make such a pretty gift!  The recipe inside the label is a mouthwatering almond/vanilla.

Each batch overfilled the pan.  When I took them out of the oven, I cooled it 10 min. as directed.  If you don't level the cake, when you lay it on a flat plate to serve it, it breaks.  I have one of the wonderful wire tools from Home Goods that helps you level your cake neatly and easily.  The outside was crispy and the wire couldn't get started.  

I laid a sharp knife along the top of one of the points to start a cut, and then the wire went in the cut.   BTW, that was my Mother's knife.  I grew up with it.  Talk about when they made things with pride in workmanship and quality.  Made to last!

It was easy to lay the wire on top of both sides of the pan and pull toward myself till the cut was complete.  A perfectly flat bottom and a generous top for me to set aside to later make into cake pops.  I actually have them all frozen in a bag waiting till I can get to them.  Waste not, want not!

I have used Nordicware pans before and have read tons of tips for success.  At this point I'm kind of clueless about my results with this pan.  The first one turned out utterly perfect.  Every other one after had some degree of carnage.  I kept adjusting and trying things, but never got another perfect one.  One came close, but most had some real issues.

I'm really happy to tell you that the recipe it came with is a tremendously forgiving cake.  I found that when part of the design didn't come out with the cake, I could gently remove that part from the pan and place it where it should have been.  It had a degree of stickyness to it and as it cooled, usually the repair became one with the cake again!  

There were times where that didn't work.  I actually cut pieces from the top I had removed and laid them in place.  The light dusting of powdered sugar hid everything, and I do mean everything!  Even where the patched piece was much lighter in color than the surrounding cake, the sugar made it invisible!  Marvelous!  

On the down side, cleaning this was a bugger!  I immediately filled it with hot soapy water and didn't let it go any length of time till I cleaned it.  The only thing that worked was a soft, small paint brush (new)!  That and LOTS of time working under running water.  Ugg!  Was love that made me make so many!  LOL it was kind of insult to injury that right after seeing each one failed, then I faced 45 minutes of cleaning just the pan so I could start all over!  Ahhhh!  Glad I'm done for a year!

I hope you are having a wonderful time as the Christmas season approaches.  I know it's a fact that our Lord Jesus Christ was not born at this time of year, but it IS when the world's thoughts turn to Him.  He WAS born.  He did willingly leave His place in heaven to come put on the flesh of man whom He created.  He chose to live as us so that He could be the perfect High Priest for us, knowing what our lives are like and what temptations we face.  He DID willingly go to His death on the cross to pay the debt for all the sins you and I would commit, to make a way for us to return to God the Father, forgiven!  He DID raise from the dead on the third day and has ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father.  He DID send the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide is into all things regarding Him and He IS coming again to take His children home to be with Him forever.  He also IS going to judge the entire world, the quick and the dead, by whether we headed His loving call to accept Him as our Savior and be saved, or not.  I do pray you will take time from the many things tugging at your attention and spend some time with Jesus this season.  Make sure you are His and will be among those who rejoice at His return, and not among those who will meet their doom.  God bless you all and merry Christmas!

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