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Snowflake Cupcakes! Looks like Frozen to me!  

I fell in love with these when I first saw them and have just been waiting for a chance to make them. 

I made all the snowflakes from fondant and dried them so they'd be strong.  Well, I have learned that it's best to make them from gum paste.  Lots of these broke.  Fortunately I made lots of extras.  The cupcakes I originally saw only had one larger and one small snowflake per cupcake.  Since I had LOTS, I used lots of them.

I've also learned that if you want full cupcakes, a little dome on top, you only get 16-17 cupcakes from a box of cake mix.  A batch of frosting that calls for 4 cups of sugar, when piping so much on each cupcake, only frosts 16-17 cupcakes.  

They are such light and pretty little things!  I'll be very happy to give them out.

Merry Christmas, God bless you and yours and thanks for stopping by!

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