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Vanilla Almond Sugar Snowflakes For You!  

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Christmas season, spending time with loved ones and remembering to share what God's given you with others.  It makes us as happy as those we give to.

This is a difficult season for many of us.  Make something and give it to a stranger.  You'll be surprised how quickly your heart will lift and you'll want to do more and more of it!  After all, this season is for remembering the greatest gift ever given, our Father God giving us His ONLY begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, to redeem us from our sins and welcome us into heaven.  Now THAT'S worth celebrating!  It's obvious that our giving to others makes us feel good, we are imitating our Father in heaven!

These are vanilla almond sugar cookies.  I use this recipe.  It's quick, easy, DELICIOUS, holds it's shape perfectly when baked and rolled 1/4" thick they are sturdy enough for LOTS of decorating (as you can see) and yet moist inside.

It's my first time trying to decorate like this.  Not perfect for sure, but so much fun!  Wish I could make a bunch more!



Merry Christmas and God bless every one of us!

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