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Pretty Baby Girl Shower Cookies  

We are being blessed with a little girl this time and it's BABY SHOWER time!  These are the cookies I made for the shower.  I'll be posting the other treats too.  Shimmering gold, soft pink and white are her shower colors. 

So many firsts!  First time watercolor painting on royal icing, first time painting with gold petal dust, first time free hand writing on cookies, and my third time using royal icing.  So much fun! 

I definitely prefer using the little bottle with the icing tip on it to do the writing detail.  I've always used parchment bags and tips (LOL for what little I've done), but really loved the bottle.  I felt I had more control, my hands stayed CLEAN and best of all, as I experiment to find the right consistency for each icing use, it's SO MUCH EASIER to just squeeze it from the bottle back into the bowl for adjusting than to have to destroy an entire pastry bag and the plastic wrap plug of icing inside just to empty it out and adjust the icing.  Then you have to make a new bag all over again.  

You are probably laughing that I said "make a bag" as most of you are probably using disposable bags.  I bought a box of 100 parchment triangles when my girls were little and have done so little of that kind of icing that I have most of them left to use!  I won't waste them, so use them I will!  (Except for writing...   :)

Other goodies for the shower:


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