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Bride's Gown Cake by Lynette  

I like to try my hand at baking beautiful things, but I'm self taught and don't have many opportunities to practice and learn. 

My daughter asked only one thing of me when she was planning her wedding...make her another doll cake like I did as they were growing up...but this time, make it look like her wedding gown!

The lightness she said this with, almost as a passing thought of no consequence, was stunning, but I, on the other end of the phone, suddenly couldn't breathe!  The doll cakes I'd made them as children were buttercream and not that great.  I had been with as she chose her gown.  I knew how elaborate, how delicate, how INTRICATE it was.  I felt like someone had just lightly asked me to make gold out of straw, as if there was nothing to it! 

It was her only request for the wedding, but oh was it overwhelming.  I knew the only way to get lots of detail would be to make it in fondant.  This would only be my third fondant covered cake and a HARD one. 

In the end, with God's help, we had a truly lovely representation of her gown.  I altered a doll pick and covered it with black fondant, let it dry, then created the bodice on it and let it dry.  The cake was covered with homemade marshmallow fondant with embossing and gumpaste flowers.  We used it at her bridal tea, brace yourself, THE MORNING OF HER WEDDING, her choice!  And then took it on to the desert table at the reception that evening.  In all, it was a truly daunting, but utterly rewarding experience.

Want a good laugh?  When all was done and she was settling into her new life, we were talking about this cake.  I said that though it really floored me when she asked, I eventually realized the casual way she asked was a compliment showing she had such confidence in me that I could do it.  She said she said it casually because SHE WASN'T SERIOUS when she asked and never dreamed I'd do something like this!  

Hysterical!  Months of planning, watching tutorials, stress, prayer and it turns out she wasn't serious!  Two days just to make the 544 tiny flowers alone!  No one could be more grateful and affirming than my precious daughter and once the stress was over, I love that I got to do this.  What an amazing thing to get to do in my life!  Thank you God for making it possible because I sure couldn't have done it on my own!

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